How to Pay a Citation

If you need information on a citation, please note that citations and all other reports take at least 7-10 business days before they are received in the records section. Therefore, if you need information before this time, please contact the respective Circuit Court.

Circuit Court phone numbers, mailing address, and e-mail contact information for Wyoming can be found by logging onto the web site link shown at the end of this page. On the citation, the court location is shown near the bottom of the citation.

Contact the respective Circuit Court if:

  • you want to pay the fine
  • you wish to show proof of insurance
  • make a plea
  • request a reduction in the bond amount
  • want the citation dismissed or reduced
  • have inquiries about :
    • payment methods
      • Most Circuit Courts in Wyoming will not accept personal checks. You will need to contact each court about the use of personal checks. 
      • When paying a citation by mail, please enclose the pink copy of the citation
      • Please make your cashier check or money order payable to the Circuit Court indicated on your citation.  Do not send cash.  
      • Be sure to read the back of your copy of the citation. The back bottom portion of the citation must be filled out entirely by you. 
    •  traffic school
    • court date/time

You may also pay by credit card by visiting the Cite Pay USA  website. 


Wyoming Circuit Courts