Interstate Motor Carrier

Any person engaged in the transportation of person or property by motor vehicle from one state to another for compensation, including locations outside the United States.

Intrastate Motor Carrier

The transportation of persons or property between points within Wyoming.


Implement of Husbandry means a vehicle or vehicles manufactured or designed and used exclusively for the conduct of agricultural operations and only incidentally operated on or moved on highways.

Operations of implements and produce of husbandry of greater widths or greater heights may be moved in agricultural operations during daylight hours, without a permit or fee, but subject to and in accordance with regulations promulgated by the department for the protection of persons, property, highways, and bridges.  Regarding the movement of implements of husbandry not exceeding 16 feet in width or height, the rules and regulations shall:

     A.  Not require the use of escort vehicles provided the implement is kept to the right of the center-line;

     B.  Require the display of an oversize vehicle sign and warning lights as approved by the department.

Over-length vehicles still require permits.

2021 Wyoming Ag Ops Requirements