Improving Highway Safety with Equipment and Training

The Wyoming Safety Improvement Fund program can help businesses implement health and safety training programs, or assist with the purchase of health and safety equipment. Equipment must be an upgrade or beyond regulatory requirements for the industry or occupation. An application will be denied if requested for anything that is required by Federal Regulations, Wyoming State Statute, Wyoming OSHA, WYDOT Rules & Regulations, and WHP Wrecker Procedures.  Please review the PDF's below regarding the stipulations on this:

To learn more about this program and to download the application visit the Wyoming Department of Workforce Service's website.  

If you have additional questions please contact Nichole Brommer with Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Risk Management at 307-777-5961.

Dispute Resolution Committee

The Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) was also established in October 2018. There are two primary roles of the DRC. The first is to review complaints when necessary. The second is to review disputed invoices and to assure the fees charged are reasonable. The DRC provides the Wyoming Highway Patrol with its findings regarding. 

Member: Email: Appointment Date: Representing:
John Gallant (Chairman) ironjjohn@wyoming.com 11/2/2018 Towing Industry
Rhonda Zimmerman (Vice-Chairman) rhondawy1650@gmail.com 11/2/2018 Towing Industry
Rodney Miears (Secretary) rodney.miears@wyo.gov 11/2/2018 WHP
Dean Teter dteter@dixonbrosinc.com 11/2/2018 Trucking Association
Scott Fabricus sfabricu@wyoming.com 11/2/2018 Insurance Industry

Tow Advisory Board

The Towing Advisory Board (TAB) was established in October 2018 to better assist the Towing Industry and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  The TAB shall act in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the WHP regarding the regulations that towing and recovery operators are to be regulated by, and such other duties as may be assigned by the WHP.

Member: Email: Appointment Date: Representing:
Andy Burg (Chairman) autoinnrepair@gmail.com 11/2/2018 WTA/Towing Industry
David Rose (Vice-Chairman) BigAlsTowing@gmail.com 11/2/2018 Towing Industry
Bryan Sanborn (Secretary) bryan.sanborn@sinclairoil.com 11/2/2018 Trucking Industry
Greg Carroll gmcarroll86@gmail.com 11/2/2018 Towing Industry
Scott Fabricus sfabricu@wyoming.com 11/2/2018 Insurance Industry
Rodney Miears rodney.miears@wyo.gov 11/2/2018 WHP
Patricia Bauer patricia.bauer@wyo.gov 11/2/2018 WHP Communications Center

*Members from the Wyoming Attorney General's Office-Consumer Protection and the Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications Center will be asked to attend meetings as subject matter experts and not part of the governing body.