Wyoming Highway Patrol


Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications Center

Wyoming Highway Patrol operates a centralized communications center based in Cheyenne. In this center WHP dispatchers make a difference each and every day. WHP dispatchers communicate and coordinate not only the efforts of WHP troopers statewide but also the efforts of a number of other agencies and emergency responders. WHP dispatchers are highly skilled and proficient in the operation of a statewide multi-tower computerized two-way radio network and a multi-faceted, computer aided dispatch system. WHP dispatchers use these and a variety of other resources to:
·         Provide a communications link between the public & emergency services
·         Ensure officers receive necessary assistance and backup with an emphasis on officer safety
·         Process trooper initiated traffic stops and/or any other situations requiring trooper response
·         Direct emergency response to motor vehicle crashes and other emergency situations
·         Send medical assistance to the injured
·         Direct aid to disabled motorists
·         Document officer activities and event details
·         Provide officers with information from computerized law enforcement files
·         Furnish information to other law enforcement, the public and numerous other agencies
Typically no two days are the same for a WHP dispatcher, which certainly provides for a variety within their daily scope of duties.
"WHP Dispatch is a vital link between the public and emergency services, committed to serving with courtesy, professionalism and compassion."   --WHP Dispatch's Vision Statement—

State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Communications center is also responsible for providing dispatch services to other agencies via a radio system called the State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System or SALECS. SALECS enables dispatchers to communicate with and dispatch calls to:
·         Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
·         Wyoming Game & Fish Department
·         Wyoming Outfitter Board
·         Wyoming Livestock Agents
·         U.S. Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement
·         U.S. Forest Service Rangers
·         State Brand Inspectors
·         State Park Rangers

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