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In 2008, Safety and Training officers provided about 700 hours of safety education programs that reached an audience of an estimated 15,000 people.

Important Safety Programs Include:

  • Alive at 25 program

  • the Seatbelt Survivor program which regularly acknowledges individuals who survive crashes because they are buckled up;

  • the Li'l Convincer program, which uses a simple mechanical device to show youngsters how effective seat belts are in restraining them;

  • the very successful REDDI program, which has, for the better part of the past two decades, encouraged individuals to report apparent drunk drivers to the patrol or local law agencies;

  • a rollover simulator, seat belt simulator, texting and driving simulators, and impaired driving simulator

  • creation of a number of highway-safety documentaries.

  • Numerous other safety presentations offered on the local level provided by local Troopers as requested (ie. Winter driving, commercial vehicle compliance, and defensive driving)