WHP is Hiring 

Applications for State Troopers are open! If you are ready to serve and protect all people in Wyoming with courtesy, professionalism and integrity. Please contact our recruting office at (307) 777-4306 if you have any questions.

Trooper II positions

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is excited to announce an enhanced opportunity for “Professionally Certified Peace Officers”  to be hired by the WHP at the Trooper II level, earning a salary of $4,750/month for the first year, and then $5,016/month.    

To date, the WHP has been hiring “Professionally Certified Peace Officers” as Trooper I's at a starting salary of $3,807 per month. In years past it generally takes a Trooper I one to three years to be reclassified as a Trooper II and to be compensated at a $5,016 monthly salary.  Salary has been an issue when drawing “Professionally Certified” officers to the WHP.  Previously, most officers had to take a significant pay reduction to leave their current employer.  As a result, the WHP is increasing the starting salary for Professionally Certified Peace Officers / Trooper II Classification, to a salary of $4,750.  After their one-year state personnel required probation, they would qualify for the $5,016 monthly salary.  

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is very excited about this opportunity for our agency.  If you meet the “Professional Peace Officer” qualifications and you wish to pursue a career with one of Wyoming’s finest law enforcement agencies, you can apply at online.

Trooper I

If you do not have “Professional Peace Officer Certification” but you still wish to pursue a career with the WHP, you can apply for a Trooper I position online.

WHP testing starts January 9th, 2019 and all applications have to be submitted by midnight on January 4th.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact Sergeant Jeremy Beck at (307) 777-4306.