December 4, 2014
The Wyoming Highway Patrol's enhanced enforcement efforts continue on WY 59 between Douglas and Gillette. Troopers have been working altered shifts and additional troopers are being brought in from other divisions to assist with the efforts to increase highway safety on WY 59. Attention has been focused on general traffic enforcement with special attention on the contributing factors identified in fatal crashes for 2014. Commercial vehicle violations that are commonly investigated by our troopers and often called in as complaints by local motorists have also been given special attention.
From October 25th, 2014 through November 25th, 2014,  Wyoming State Troopers issued 325 citations and 141 warnings on WY 59 between Douglas and Gillette. Violations cited include speed, seat belt, improper lane use, following too close, improper turning, stop sign, impaired driving, careless driving, equipment violations, driver's license violations, registration violations, vehicle insurance, drug possession, underage alcohol possession and commercial vehicle violations.
In this same time frame, preliminary numbers show 31 crashes occurred on WY 59 between Douglas and Gillette. One of those crashes resulted in one fatality, eight of those crashes resulted in 14 injuries and 22 of those crashes resulted in property damage only.      
A Mobile Education and Enforcement Team (MEET) detail was sent to WY 59 on November 18th and 19th to help educate and enforce commercial vehicle violations. During that detail, 52 commercial vehicles were contacted. 12 of 27 vehicles weighed were over legal weight. 21 vehicles were placed out of service for equipment violations and six drivers were placed out of service for paperwork violations. 85 total commercial vehicle violations were discovered. Three of 30 inspections resulted in no violations discovered. 14 permits were issued totaling $1,060.00. 14 citations and six warnings were issued by the time the detail concluded. A low citation to violation ratio was present as education is just as important as enforcement on these details.              
The Patrol’s commitment to promoting highway safety in this area and on all highways in the state continues to be our top priority. However, law enforcement presence is only a part of the highway safety equation. The cooperative effort of drivers, companies, WYDOT, and the Patrol will ultimately prove to be the real successful recipe for the safest transportation system possible.  Thanks for doing your part and please, buckle up!